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Dirt Devils

Year: 1993
Length: 52 Minutes
Color: Color
Details: SD


The great racers in motorsport often perfect their techniques not in practice, but under actual race conditions, pushed to new levels under pressure from other greats during legendary race battles. DIRT DEVILS brings together the greatest race sequences of non-stop modern motorcross action ever! You'll see amazing fights between such MX giants as Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, Jeff Stanton, Damon Bradshaw, Jean Michel Bayle, Mike Kiedrowski, Guy Cooper, Mike LaRocco, Jeff Emig and others as they create - THE BEST BATTLES You'll have the best seat in the house to witness the greatest battles from the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc MX divisions. We've chosen the most incredible battles to illustrate exactly what makes a racer great as these masters find the fastest way around, over, and through the most treacherous tracks and competition. Plus, DIRT DEVILS features special sections which break down great races battles into their most exiting aspects, including: THE GREATEST JUMPS! THE BEST TECHNIQUES! THE MOST INCREDIBLE PASSES! And of course, THE HARDEST CRASHES! This is the stuff legends are made of, the NUMBER ONE tape for all Motocross enthusiasts. Hey, if it were easy, everyone could do it!

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