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Mind's Eye

Filmmaker: Alex Vigano
Year: 2010
Length: 98 Min
Color: Color
Details: SD
Cast: Ron Elwell, Chris Batstone, Keith Birkfeld


Red and his brother Tim live in the seedy underbelly of Long Beach, California. Whether it's running drugs or intimidating deadbeats, they do whatever it takes to get the job done. When Red's normally dependable nature becomes compromised by a series of intense visions, his erratic decision making threatens to undermine the brothers� financial stability and their relationship. Afraid that he�s slowly going insane and unable to confide in anyone, Red tries to comprehend the meaning of his most prominent vision�seeing through the eyes of a murderer methodically stalking his prey. Convinced that this man is the source of his painful visions, Red begins a hunt to find the stranger. As the crippling visions cause Red�s world to slowly collapse around him, he learns that a radical shift of global proportion is taking place, set in motion by an unexplainable phenomenon that forces the afflicted to experience other people�s consciousness. Still convinced that the stranger will yield clues as to why he was infected, Red struggles to track him down. Threatened by this mental intruder, the stranger begins to hunt Red as he does his other victims. When Tim becomes afflicted with the virus, a psychotic game of cat and mouse culminates with the three men gunning for each other in the Mojave desert. Featuring the gritty, industrial area of Long Beach, along with the desolate beauty of the Mojave desert, Mind's Eye is an examination of how people deal with the unknown and how interconnected our fragile lives are.

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