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On the Trail of Ben Liden

Filmmaker: API
Year: 2005
Length: 1 x 50 Minutes
Color: Color
Details: SD


A film from Mohamed Sifaoui the writer/filmmaker of the bestselling book INSIDE AL QAEDA: How I infiltrated the Worlds Deadliest Terrorist Organization as he again infiltrates Al Qaeda and the Pakistani front groups allies with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The film traces how the most wanted man on the planet managed to slip through the US Military net and how his allies are still operating openly across Pakistan. In this incredible film the filmmakers were able to obtain astounding information and footage through filmed interviews with Pakistani government and religious figures and with the use of footage filmed with a hidden camera. This film discoveries: New undercover and never before seen footage of four of 9/11 terrorists training at the Pre-9/11 Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan. Explore the exact path and methods used by Ben Laden to escape the US Military attack at Tora Bora 2001. Learn about the existence of secret Terrorist training camps in the Kashmir area. Uncovers evidence that Khaled Sheik Mohamed (number 3 Al Qaeda leader) was hiding in the house of a Pakistani intelligence officer when he was captured and not that of a private citizen as was maintained by both the US and Pakistan. The film features interviews with such leading Al Qaeda allies who operate openly in Pakistan such as: A spokesmen of Laskar e Taiba (On the US Terrorist Black List) Mufti Nizzamuddin Shamzai (who trained Taliban leadership in the 90s) General Hamid Gul (former head of Pakistan Secret Service). Maulana Fazlurahman (spokesmen for the Religious Parties in Pakistan) Djamel Ismal a former reporter with Al Jazera who has known Ben Laden for 20 years. This film which finished shooting in October 2003 revels as far back as then a clear connection between many leading religious figures in Pakistan and Ben Laden and how they operate openly in the heart of the US supposed allies in the war on Terror. With English narration and English subtitles. 


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