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Ticket to Write: The Golden Age of Rock Journalism

Filmmaker: Raul Sandelin
Year: 2016
Length: 90
Color: Color
Details: HDTV
Cast: Dave DiMartino, Ben Fong-Torres, Bill Holdship, Richard Meltzer, John Morthland , Sandy Pearlman , Gene Sculatti, Jaan Uhelszki , Ed Ward , Susan Whitall


The film documents the rise and fall of rock music journalism through from the 1960’s through to it’s eventual demise in the 1980’s. All the great moments of writing and the people who created the stories are covered here, from the formation of Rolling Stone, to Gloria Stavers and the creation of the teen idol, Creem, Trouser Press, Crawdaddy, and all the other notable print publications from the 60’s and 70’s. All the great writers are covered here such as Dave DiMartino,
Ben Fong-Torres, Bill Holdship, Richard Meltzer, John Morthland, Sandy Pearlman, Gene Sculatti, Jaan Uhelszki, Ed Ward
Susan Whitall


"If “Almost Famous” was the fictional, yet semi- autobiographical movie that dealt with the stardom of being a rock journalist, Ticket is the non-fictional flip side of the coin. Ticket perfectly documents the formation of rock journalism, something that is as much a part of music as the music itself."


“Engaging new doc brings us back to rock criticism’s glory days”



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