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A World Ruled By Evil

Filmmaker: Warren Croyle
Year: 2015
Length: 67 min
Color: Color
Details: HDTV


On the daily news we see war, disease, poverty, and man pitted against man. We see billions of impoverished people, displaced by power brokers. We see the super-rich getting richer. Many simply watch this news without understanding it or even trying to. They don't know the bigger picture, the truth about what is really happening out there. The truth is, what happens out there, affects us all - and all of these world events are happening, not by chance, but by design. All of our lives are being affected by just a few men who are members of an elite group. Their ancestors plotted and schemed just as they are doing today. They affect all levels of society from lawmakers and enforcers, to religious and political leaders, to movie makers and media moguls, as well as industrial giants and pharmaceutical billionaires. Through clever manipulation, marketing, propaganda and force, they control the world, but they aren't the politicians you're thinking of because most often the politicians are pawns themselves. Instead, these people are members of a long line, a golden thread through history that stretches back thousands of years and can be traced through their own bloodline. Welcome to the world of a very real and powerful secret society.



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